Kumquat is the only citrus that is consumed completely. That is, both the skin and its interior and, in this way, a mixture of flavors is created in which the sweetness of the skin gently mixes with the acid and bitter inside. This citrus, which is not known in the wild, has numerous properties that definitely make it a great option:


  • Thanks to the presence of oxalic, tartaric, citric and malic acid, it is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Its folic acid makes it a very beneficial product for pregnant women.
  • In addition, thanks to the high presence of vitamin C, it is a great remedy for anemia.
  • It is satiating and a good instrument to regulate intestinal transit thanks to its amounts of fiber.
  • It helps to maintain proper functioning of muscles, nerves and intestines thanks to the magnesium it has.


Thanks to these special characteristics, Kumquat has become a very interesting element for many culinary elaborations. Its use to make jams stands out. In addition, it can be used to create sauces for meats or even the aromatic Kumquat Liquor.


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